Conference guide

This conference guide will help answer as many questions as possible that you may have about the T2M 2018 Conference in Montréal.


Step 1: Purchase airplane, train or bus ticket to Montréal.  

The airport  Montréal -Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport (YUL) is located about 15km from downtown and is your best bet if you are coming by airplane. The closest airports with commercial service are at least 150 km away.

YUL airport is a major hub of Air Canada, a Star Alliance founding member. It has direct flights to most Star Alliance hubs around the world, including, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Lima, Algiers, Newark, Denver and Los Angeles etc. Air Canada is the official airline of the conference. A promo code for your flight is available here.

YUL is also frequently linked with Toronto with over 800 flights per week between the two cities.

It is also linked to many of the hubs of OneWorld and SkyTeam, as well as other airports around the world.

Montreal’s Central Station is a major stop for ViaRail passenger service across Canada. It is also served by an Amtrak daily service to New York City.

Montreal’s bus terminal sees frequent service with Ottawa, Toronto, Boston, New York and other Canadian destinations.


Step 2: Book a hotel room

We have been able to negotiate a rate of 149$/ night (Canadian) (approx 115$ us per night) for a superior room & Breakfast at the Hôtel des Gouverneurs. It is directly connected to Montreal’s main subway station and is a 15 minute ride away from the conference site.

To book a room at the hotel, please click here.

For information on youth hostels, please click here.


Step 3: Register & pay conference fees

Please follow this link in order to register for the conference and pay the conference fees. Every person attending must pay their registration. Furthermore, for discounted rates, proof will be required at the beginning of the conference. THE EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION RATE ENDS JULY 31st.


Step 4: Passport,  Visa & eTA

Do you need a Passport & Visa to come to Canada? If you are coming from outside of Canada, you will need a Passport, even if you are an American. For visa & eTA requirements, this online quiz from the Canadian Government will help you figure things out. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU VERIFY IF YOU NEED AN eTA. The Electronic Travel Authorization(eTA) costs 7$ and is mandatory for basically everybody that does not need a Visa, is not Canadian nor American. It should be requested weeks prior to travel.


Step 5: Packing for your trip

The end of October is a pleasant time to visit Montréal. The daily high should be between 8°C and 25°C. However, in the evening the temperature will probably be above the freezing mark. You should bring a warm sweater and jacket, just in case. Bringing a raincoat or umbrella would also be a good idea.

Do not forget to bring your presentation on a USB key.


Step 6: Flying to Montreal & Customs

Once you have completed your hopefully pleasant flight, you will need to pass Customs Primary Inspection (unless you cleared Canadian Customs in the United States), pick up your luggage and go to Secondary Inspection.


Step 7: Purchasing a transit pass

Once this is completed, please proceed to the transit ticket vending machine that are located just outside of the secured area. Transit vending machines are blue & orange.  Follow the signs for the 747 bus. You will need to complete a 2-step process. Firstly, you will need to purchase a 6$ OPUS transit card that will hold your transit pass. You will then need to purchase a one-week pass 26,25$. Do not forget to say yes to the receipt. (The fare between the airport is 10$ each way, so a transit pass is the best option as you will need to take the subway between the hotel & the conference site.


Step 8: Riding the bus

From the airport, you must take the 747 airport shuttle to downtown. Follow the signs to the bus stop  that is located on the arrivals level of the airport. There are 2 different 747 shuttles. Do not take the pink one, as it does not go to the conference hotel. Take the green one.  After the first stop (Lionel-Groulx Metro station), the bus will go up a hill, then turn right. It will then make multiple stops at the various hotels in the downtown core. It will then turn left. This is your stop (Berri-UQAM Subway station). Disembark but to not take the subway, your hotel is a block away. Turn right (compared to the direction the bus just left) and walk a block. The hotel is in front of you.


Step 9: Hotel des Gouverneurs

Proceed with the check-in.  Please ensure that you receive your conference bag that will include your program, etc.


Step 10: Breakfast

Breakfast is included at the hotel with your reservation.


Step 11: Riding the subway

The subway is accessible directly from the hotel (follow the signs (it is a blue sign, with an arrow pointing downwards with a circle around it), or a short walk outside during the evening. There are multiple subway entrances located around the hotel.

Don’t forget to bring your conference bag, your USB key with your presentation as well as your OPUS transit card. The subway does get fairly busy at rush hour and you might have to wait for a second train.

To get to the conference venue, take the Green metro line direction Angrignon to Guy-Concordia Station.

In order to get back to the hotel, take the Green metro line direction Honoré-Beaugrand to Berri-UQÀM Station.

Follow signs for Place Dupuis exit.


Step 12: Getting to the conference site (Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday)

Exiting Guy-Concordia Station, turn right towards EV Pavilion – The Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Building.


T2M signs will guide you from here.


Step 13: Supper & Activities

Supper is only included on Thursday at the Casino the Montreal, in the historic 1967 France & Quebec Pavillon. For your other nights, we will be providing you with a list of great restaurants. Montreal is a culinary mecca and we will provide you with suggestions to fit every palate and budget.

We will also recommend various activities in order to enjoy Montreal. We will also be organizing an evening walk as well as a jogging outing (10 km, slow pace).


Step 14: Return to the airport

For those who leave Montreal on Saturday, October 27 at the end of the conference, you will be able to bring your luggage with you, a room has been reserved to store them safely. This will save you having to go back to the hotel to pick them up.

To get to Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Airport, take the Green metro line direction Angrignon, until Lionel-Groulx Station. Exiting the station, take bus 747 WEST (OUEST) to the Airport.