Papers / Communications

Victor AndradeRethinking mobilities IITravel Behavior and Urban Form: The case of Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area
Sharon BabaianPanel_ Transport Collections in a Changing Cultural LandscapeMaking Room for MobilityPresentation
Louis BaldasseroniHistoire des transports (F)Mesurer les mobilités pour créer des infrastructures de hubs. Réflexions sur l'aménagement de carrefours à Lyon, années 1930 - années 1970 Presentation
Pierre BarrieauHistoric perspective on mobility IFirst Nation and European settlement patterns in New France
François BédardJournée d'étude Mobilité autonome, villes intelligentes et réseaux : planifier et réaliserLes villes intelligentes, la mobilité durable et le potentiel de développement socialPresentation
Micheal K. Bess Panel_ Connecting the dots in Latin America at the turn of the 19th century and beyond (does not always equal hub/network)The Politics of Mobility in Mexico City, 1867-1929Presentation
Meryem BourasMobilités (F)L'histoire de l'évolution de l'accessibilité du transport collectif dans l'espace métropolitain à MontréalPresentation
Éric BourbeauJournée d'étude Mobilité autonome, villes intelligentes et réseaux : planifier et réaliserComment des nouvelles technologies sans fil rendent les villes du monde plus intelligente?
Ben BradleyRepresentationSeeing the Past in Stages: Stagecoaches, Freight Wagons, and the Nostalgia of Mobility in Western Canada, 1910-1960
Jorgen BurchardtRethinking mobilities IIFreight Distribution at Night, 1950-2018PaperPresentation
George CarhartInfrastructure IIThe Rise and Demise of Portland, Maine's Rail-Sea Transportation HubPresentation
Olivia VF ChaudhuryRethinking mobilities ICyberia: Hub of Virtual Capital
Anne ConchonHistoire des transports (F)Pôles urbains et noeuds de transport. La structuration des réseaux de circulation dans la France napoléonienne Presentation
Virginie CousineauJournée d'étude Mobilité autonome, villes intelligentes et réseaux : planifier et réaliserRéseau express métropolitainPresentation
Jim CullenPanel_ Transport Collections in a Changing Cultural LandscapeBeyond Counting Rivets: Assessing the Significance of Large Transport ObjectsPresentation
Matthew CrawfordPanel_Buzzing forever : The Usefull (?) Utopia of Selfdriving Car in Midterm HistoryManaging Traffic: Rival Versions of RationalityPresentation
Arthur De WaalActive mobility IIRe-interpreting motility constructs within a Mobility as a Service framing, the case of eudaemonic an hedonic well-beingPresentation
Jonathan EnglishInfrastructure IDerailed: The Postward End of New York City Subway ExpansionPresentation
Étienne FaugierPanel_Buzzing forever : The Usefull (?) Utopia of Selfdriving Car in Midterm HistoryAutonomous Car and Peripheric Spaces : A Rich Motorized Culture to DecomplexifiePresentation
Mathieu FlonneauPanel_Buzzing forever : The Usefull (?) Utopia of Selfdriving Car in Midterm HistoryWhat remains of automobiles and car culture? The future of automotive heritage in the era of the digital mobility revolutionPresentation
Emile ForestMobilités (F)Paysages en mouvement : capter les expériences et significations de la mobilité contemporainePresentation
Emily GannRepresentationWhat Are Technologies of (dis)Ability?: New Approaches at the Canada Science and Technology MuseumPresentation
Govind GopakumarSouth mobilitiesAutomotive citizenship: constituting the occupation of streets by automobiles in urban India
Owen D. GutfreundHistoric perspective on mobility IIMore Than a Freeway Revolt: The Forgotten Parking Revolt in New York CityPresentation
J. Lucien D. HouleHistoric perspective on mobility IProvençal Merchants in Medieval Acre: A Study on the Mobility of NetworksPresentation
Sylette Henry-BuckmireActive mobility IUneven mobilities across disrupted landscapes: On the ground realities for Trinidad and Tobago’s mobility-impaired urban moversPresentation
Todoroki HiroshiRethinking mobilities IICharacteristics and continuity of road traffic in ShillaPresentation
Yogi JosephSouth mobilitiesPedestrians and cyclists as nuisancePresentation
Harleen KaurHistoric perspective on mobility IRoads to Motorization: Governance, Transit and City Life in Colonial Delhi, 1880-1930PaperPresentation
Elvira KhairullinaInfrastructure IUnderstanding the conflicts and priorities: the role of tramways in the USSR and the GDR in the 1950-1960sPaperPresentation
Bartek KomorowskiActive mobility II
Patrick LachapelleJournée d'étude Mobilité autonome, villes intelligentes et réseaux : planifier et réaliserL'urbanisme s'envoie en l'air : la réglementation municipale encadrant les dronesPresentation
Kevin LarrivéeInfrastructures (F)Projet de train passager vers Sherbrooke : Faire renaître l'histoire ferroviaire de la Rive-Sud de Montréal et les Cantons-de-l'Est
James LonghurstRethinking mobilities ITokyo to Seattle by Bike: The Mitsubishi Trading Company, Protective Tariffs, and the Failure to Import Adult Bycibles in the 1930s
Camila LunaAirportIntegrating integration. Airline transport, the European Union and the Mercosur ProjectPresentation
Patricia Luna Delgado
South mobilitiesHUIZI: Bike sharing system in Toluca, Mexico
Filipe MarinoActive mobility ICyclist profile and travel behavior in Rio de Janeiro: comparing results from the first and second national surveys (2015 and 2017)Presentation
Philipe Marino & Maria Alice de Faria NogueiraActive mobility IIThe active mobility as a marketing strategy in BrazilPresentation
Victor MarquezPanel_ Connecting the dots in Latin America at the turn of the 19th century and beyond (does not always equal hub/network)Resistance Against Utopia: The underside of Mexico City's Airport historyPresentation
Slimane MerzougInfrastructures (F)Les projets de transport en commun en Algérie et la crise budgétaire : cas de la ville de Bejaia.
Matthew MillerAirportTechnological Standardization in the Horizontal Skyscraper AirportPaperPresentation
Alice MilorHistoire des transports (F)Représenter l'automobile à Bruxelles : les mutations d'un hub de l'Europe depuis les années 1980
Massimo MoraglioPanel_ What After? The future of MobilityRethinking the Mobility Turn. Bridging disciplines and seeking tradeoffs
Judith A. Nicholson RepresentationHuman Zoo Postcards: A Viennese CollectionPresentation
Alexander PachalaInfrastructures (F)BIXI de Pointe-aux-Trembles à Senneville : une évaluation d'un vaste réseau de vélo en libre-service sur toute l'île de MontréalPresentation
Claire PelgrimsHistoric perspective on mobility IIFetishizing Brussels roadscapePresentation
Alexandre PlanteJournée d'étude Mobilité autonome, villes intelligentes et réseaux : planifier et réaliserTransports durables, innovation, urbanisme, changements climatiques, relations avec les gouvernements locauxPresentation
Angélica-Elizabeth Reyna-BernalInfrastructure IIHubs Cities and Internal Migration in MexicoPresentation
Fiona Smith HalePanel_ Transport Collections in a Changing Cultural LandscapeNavigating Open Waters: Online Access to Cultural InformationPresentation
Hugo Silveira PereiraInfrastructure IPortuguese railways: a history of circulation, appropriation and globalizationPresentation
Éric VaillancourtJournée d'étude Mobilité autonome, villes intelligentes et réseaux : planifier et réaliserIntégration des équipes de planification routière et ferroviaire
Cornelis van TilburgInfrastructure IIThe change of hubs in the Early Medieval Lower Rhine RegionPresentation
Maximiliano Augusto Velazquez & Alejandro RascovanPanel_ Connecting the dots in Latin America at the turn of the 19th century and beyond (does not always equal hub/network)A History of Failed Opportunities: Local and regional connections in Argentina's railway network as an alternative for socio-economic developmentPresentation
Maggie WilliamsAirportHashtags as hubs: #DeleteUber and the material impacts of hashtivismPresentation
Moussa ZouaouiMobilités (F)La place des différentes cultures à l'ère de la mobilitéPaperPresentation